Baby Scrapbook and Family History

Creating a family history with scrapbooks is easy to do and carries love from generation to generation. It tells a story of human creation and family ties for children and gives them a sense of who they are and where they come from. A baby scrapbook album is one of the favorite books of childhood.Scrapbook
A scrapbook is a collection of pictures and memories for a certain person or event. A baby scrapbook is started with its first picture and never ends. It can continue as long as the parent or child would like and contains memories and pieces of the child’s history.Everything from pictures to hair clippings and school papers will brighten your child’s life and provide stories to look back on or pass on to their own child. It is complied of pages, prints, glue, tape, little pictures and decoration. Anything that is a part of the child’s life and your choosing can be placed into the scrapbook.Album
The albums can continue as each one fills to capacity. You can use a different one for each event or hobby a child develops an interest in throughout their lifetime. Each album needs to have a theme so the story can continue from year to year.Family albums are a good way to maintain a family bond through its own history. Using pictures of the family during vacations and of extended family members to help trace linage will provide information for future generation.One album is a complete book and as you collect more album you can include articles of interest or hobby and medical information. If one parent dies at a young age, the child needs the other parent or family to create an album of picture, stories and events so they can learn about the departed parent. This brings a connection they cannot get any other way.Layout
Begin your album by choosing a cover book, a few pages and the pictures you would like to start with. If it is for a child make the theme a baby scrapbook layout with pastel colors and happy decorations. Do not use more than two to three picture for the each page. You want to leave enough room between each picture to include name, date and event.Continue your story on the back of the first page. If you need to add further words, check craft shops for individual words or letters made for scrapbooks. For more of the story, write the information on a computer and print off to add to the page or write it in your own hand for a more personal touch. Be sure to include emotions or funny sayings when writing the story.Add little things like the first clipping of baby’s hair, foot print, all statistics and newspaper clippings. Choose one page or two to list baby gifts and cards from the baby shower. If you have pictures from the baby shower and pictures of yourself while pregnant, the child will see the beginning of their story as a family.Every child will love to look at their own history when they become an adult. They will also love to share it with their own children when the time comes.

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