Sheesham Indian Oak Furniture – Is It Your Dream Dining Furniture?

These days, dining rooms and even dining furniture can be something out of the ordinary, with less families eating together and more people opting for TV dinners or quick kitchen fixes. So if you do you are passionate about food and people enjoying it together, you probably want a dining set-up that doesn’t just accommodate your friends and family but also turns a meal into a special and luxurious occasion. Whether it’s the centre of attention in your dining room or tucked away in your kitchen or living room, what better way to achieve your deluxe dining experience than with stunning dining furniture? This article takes a look at one of the many options on offer today for your dining room. Wooden dining tables are very popular, although glass, chrome and modern materials are also becoming common, offering something a little bit more contemporary than the traditional wooden table. If you like wood but you’re still looking for something sophisticated, stylish and with a little bit of a twist, Sheesham Indian Oak is definitely a furniture collection that you should take a look at. In this article we take a look at the pros and cons of this beautiful Indian hardwood.Bold contemporary designIt’s a dining set that makes a statement without being fussy. The Sheesham furniture collection shows off the simple clean lines of modern design with beautiful curved corners and its understated elegance. If you want to bring something bright, bold and young to the table (if you’ll excuse the pun), you can opt for the matching faux leather chairs in daring red or sophisticated black. The Sheesham curved bench is another design delight that offers a contemporary take on the traditional wooden pew.Quality craftsmanship and excellent durabilityThis impressive set has been crafted from the finest Indian oak to make beautiful furniture for your dining room. Each piece is completed with a glowing honey finish that creates a warm and radiant effect in your home whilst bringing out the unique grain of Indian hardwood furniture. This gives each Sheesham Indian Oak item its own character and when combined as a set it looks truly sensational. The quality of Indian hardwood also means that this lovely furniture range offers excellent hardwearing and durability. Finished solid oaks are great at standing up to the test of time, offering great resistance against day to day wear and tear. One of the advantages of buying wooden furniture over veneer furniture is also that ordinary scratches and stains can be easily repaired with a simple sanding and finishing process that won’t affect the resilience of the furniture.Stunning dining room furnitureThe Sheesham Indian oak collection features a choice of dining sets that include four and six seater table options and curved and straight table design. Similarly, you can choose between solid Sheesham oak dining chairs and faux leather seats in either red or black, or the stylish curved bench seat. In the dining room you’ve got options with Sheesham oak and you should be able to choose a size, style and colour that reflects your needs and tastes. Nevertheless, the range within Sheesham Indian Oak collection is restricted to dining furniture, with the exception of a cube tower or shelving set. This is great if you’re looking for dining room furniture but if you’ve fallen in love with the unique beauty of this sensational collection and dining furniture is not your priority then you’re out of luck. The Sheesham Zen furniture set offers more ethnic Indian furniture for your home, however its character is quite different.PricingOf course, one of the clear disadvantages of buying stunning oak furniture is that you’re going to have to pay more for it. It is always going to be more expensive than veneer wooden furniture, but many people see it as an investment for the future. Shop around a little by browsing online and you should be able to find a good online seller, like Furniture Shop UK, that offers the range at excellent prices. With a little TLC, the next generation could be serving meals from your Sheesham Oak furniture.

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